Chokka Trail

The Chokka Trail is an award winning 4 day/3 night hiking holiday in the greater St Francis area between Oyster Bay, St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis.  It is far more than just a hike, as hikers get to do a calamari tasting and enjoy a sunset cruise on the famous St Francis canals.


The hike is fully supported and guided by the owner-operator.  While you hike, your luggage gets transported to the next overnight point where a cold beer, hot shower and cooked dinner will welcome you at the end of a long day.


The hiking holiday kicks off with hikers exploring the untouched coastline between Oyster Bay and Thysbaai, where the cape clawless otter often puts up a show in shallow waters.  If you are not lucky enough to see small buck, you will find their spoor on the beach and the birdlife is prolific.  Accommodation at the end of day 2 is in the Oyster Kaya, a homely establishment overlooking Klippenpunt to the west of the hamlet.


The Oyster Bay Dune Bypass System, fondly called the Sand River by locals, is a 16km sand of sea, to be conquered by hikers on day 2. The trail leads from Oyster Bay to Dune Ridge Country House, situated on a conservation reserve on the outskirts of St Francis Bay.  This could be the most challenging of the 4 hiking days. The moving dune field sometimes opens century old middens, protecting pot shards, bones, teeth and huge shells for future generations to see. The wetlands become a hive of bird activity during the wet months, changing the scenery completely.


The last two days covers the rest of the shoreline, with many highlights – the second largest blow hole in southern Africa, an unknown Khoi grave, shipwrecks, more middens, the tallest masonry lighthouse situated on the south eastern most point of Africa and the pilot Blue Flag Beach of Cape St Francis before you book into the Cape St Francis Resort.


On the last day hikers enjoy a tour of Port St Francis, the only privately owned working harbour in South Africa, where they are also treated to a calamari tasting.  Farewell celebrations are at Bruce’s Café, a small restaurant overlooking the Granny’s Pool and Bruce’s Beauties, the perfect wave made famous in the 1969 iconic surfer’s movie, The Endless Summer.


The Chokka Trail is far more than a hike, it is an educational experience while enjoying the outdoors. It is untouched and unexplored beauty at its best. The trail is moderate and suitable for ages between 10 and 80. The Chokka Trail won the National Lilizela Award for Best Visitors Experience Beach Category for three consecutive years since 2016.


For more information, visit or contact Esti Stewart on or 073 825 0835.