Flower Boutique Jeffresybay

Flower Boutique Jeffresybay has been creating beautiful floral designs for many years. From bouquets to flower crowns we do it all. We love creating custom-designed floral pieces specially designed for every personality. We are your Expression of Love to your loved ones, through flowers, functions, birthdays, anniversaries and many more. We create floral designs for every special occasion. We have a selection of designs on our website but any requests are always welcome. House plants gifts, floral accessories, skills and decor vases, helium balloons and teddies are also popular on our floor. Special requests like balloons and a birthday cake, we go the extra mile to arrange or collect for you. We love what we do, it is our aim to always give our best and to live life in full bloom. We celebrate life with the joy flowers bring.

Flower Boutique - not just a florist




Skydive Jeffreys Bay

Put yourself at ease jumping with our professional crew from up to 11000 feet, above the scenic Jeffreys bay coastline. Our instructors have a minimum of 1500 jumps and have a passion for sharing the experience of skydiving with first timers. All that is required is that you are below 100kg, and are reasonably fit. You don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie; our instructors will be able to put you at ease. Just follow the simple instructions and all that is left to do is have fun! Up to 40 seconds freefall at 200kph, followed by a 5 minute parachute ride. As long as the conditions are good you will have a chance to steer the parachute. You instructor will take over for the landing and you can even land at the beach (if pre arranged). A once in a life time adventure that is definitely recommended to everyone in all walks of life!

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St Francis Safaris and Adventures

St Francis Safaris offer customers a fishing experience geared to suit all levels of ability.

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Riksha Tours

Hop onto a tuk-tuk and have your tour guide show you all the great and enriching places Jeffreys Bay has to offer. Our locally inspired, uniquely branded 3 and 6-seater Tuk-tuks offers tours throughout the beautiful and internationally known coastal town of Jeffreys Bay. And the Rikshas would not be complete without roof racks for surf boards. Our forte is to give our guests the ultimate JBay experience. Riksha Tours offers custom tours, where you choose the spots you want to visit. In the hustle and bustle of the town, driving and doing sightseeing is somewhat dangerous, we give you the freedom to relax, have your hair blown by the wind and take in what this part of the world has to offer. We offer the arrive alive option, where we take our guests pub hopping to ensure that the environment is a safe one for all. At Riksha Tours we pride ourselves in our customer service and experience. Having a tour with us would give you the laid-back feeling that JBay is known for, while also making you aware why this is a local paradise. With an open cart, wind blowing in your hair and the fresh sea breeze what is there more to ask for? Contact us by booking online or give us a call!

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