As part of making Jeffreys Bay a safer tourist town, One Village along with Kouga Municipality, Tourism and Kouga2gether would like to make Jeffreys Bay a cashless and caring society.

This means standing together and supporting this amazing initiative.

One Village is asking all the residents and businesses of Jbay to stand together to get cash off the streets.

How it works:

  • Buy your One Village R5 ticket books in R50 or R100 booklets. Stocked at One Village 30 Jeffreys street and contact us for the list of other business in Jbay who sell the R5 booklets.
    • Keep your book with you and hand out a page to anyone you wish to bless or instead of given the person who asks for food money they can have a ticket and go to One Village to get a good cooked meal for R5.
    • All the people on the street daily visit the One Village and know where to find us.
    • Give to people of your choice. Not just the street people but anybody. Remember we want to save Our Planet and buying your clothing at a thrift shop always a great way to give back.
    • Tickets are redeemable at One Village Second-hand shop 30 Jeffreys Street Jbay. Near the Police Station.
    • Tickets can be redeemed for R2 sandwiches, R5 meals, clothing, blankets or household items.

Please get involved with this initiative and make the difference in your community. No cash given means less chance of substance abuse.

Anything that is needed can be obtained at One Village and we can refer people to the correct associations or individuals for further needs.

It is so exciting to see all the enthusiasm and support for the R5 books, lets spread the word and all be involved in getting cash of the streets and empowering our community.

Together we are stronger.

Contact us: 0780872806 0833825043