Kitchen Windows

Kitchen Windows Beach Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Jeffrey’s Bay.  Over the years, we have grown into an award-winning establishment with good food and a spectacular sea view.

The name "Kitchen Windows" refers to the surf spot to the right of the restaurant.  Jeffrey's Bay has always been one of the best fishing areas in South Africa.
The fishermen used to refer to the area now called Kitchen Windows as Little Reef.  It became a popular surf spot during the 60's and the spot became known as
Kitchen Windows as the surfers of the time looked through their kitchen window to see if the surf was firing.

The restaurant is family-friendly and believe in family values, good wine and even better food.


An impressive award winning wine list hosts a great variety of South African wines. They believe that food should be enjoyed as it was intended. Fresh, wholesome and rich in nutrients, not full of hormones, antibiotics and/or unnatural additives. Fortunately there are farmers who share our philosophy and we are able to serve uncontaminated food free of all these by-products.

They try to use organically grown foods where they can, or at least trace the food to its source. Nothing on the menu is prepared in bulk or ready-made, everything is made on order