THE multicoloured, the blue . . . the preferred car guard.

In a renewed bid to clamp down on illegal car guards operating in Kouga – especially at the main beachfront and Central Business District (CBD) in Jeffreys Bay – Kouga Municipality equipped several preferred car guards with light blue outfits.  The first four car guards received their brand-new outfits last week, while more will receive their outfits later this month.

Community Services Portfolio Councillor, Daniel Benson, said a total of 20 car guards will receive new uniforms. “All the preferred car guards will be wearing identical and easily identifiable uniforms.”

The new uniform consists of a light blue jacket, with two orange reflector lines in the middle and at the bottom. Each car guard’s name and photo appear on his jacket.  They, furthermore, received a blue T-shirt and mask – also sporting their name and photo.  “This is in order to minimise the risk of other unpreferred car guards using the specific uniform,” said Benson. “We cannot afford having everyone calling themselves ‘car guards’ and having easy access to people’s vehicles and other valuables.”  The new uniform was sponsored by local businesses.

Benson encouraged motorists to make use of the preferred car guards to avoid risk of disappointment and loss.

“Let us support those who are making an effort to be presentable, polite and properly qualified to look after vehicles, so that we can eliminate those who tend to me more of a nuisance than helpful,” he said.  “While the preferred car guards will continue operating independently and are not officially employed by the municipality, there will be better coordination and they will be monitored closely to ensure they are sober and presentable. If any of them step out of line, they know they will lose their uniforms immediately.”  According to Benson, this is not a strategy to prevent people from making an income – it is about the safety of motorists and their belongings.