Bloukrans Bungy

Experience the highest bungee jump in the world.  The Bloukrans Bridge is the world’s highest and largest single span commercial concrete arch bridge and home to the world’s highest Bungy Jump from a bridge where you can enjoy a smooth bungee with specialist equipment and technology.

The view from Bloukrans Bridge captures all the majesty and tranquility of the Bloukrans River valley below.   Secured in a full body harness Bloukrans Bungy, utilizes pendulum bungy technology ensuring the smoothest, most comfortable bungy jump possible.

You can reach the jump point via zipline from the bank to the arch.  The walkway is as long as the bridge is high and as you start the walk, the views and experience just get better and better.  Once on the top of the arch, you get to truly appreciate the engineering marvel that is the Bloukrans bridge.

Before jumping, you will be kitted out with a full body harness and your feet will be secured using specially designed equipment.  Leap out into the valley and feel the thrill of falling and rebounding whilst being securely attached to the bungy cord.

Jump with confidence thanks to the help of a professional and experienced team with a 100% safety record, who have hosted celebrities such as Prince Harry and Jack Osbourne as well as record-breaking bungy jumpers.

On your way back up, get a winch ride coordinated by a recovery operator and enjoy breath-taking views of the surrounding national park.  Walk along the 216 meter Sky Walk to get back onto solid ground.

Situated on the edge of the gorge is a restaurant with views of the bridge where you can enjoy breakfast or lunch and stays open until the last bridge walkers and bungy jumpers have completed their experiences.  The restaurant also has a live video feed from the bridge swing showing all the bungy jumping action.



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