A bright and cheerful festive season ahead.

For some time, we’ve heard the warnings about the Eastern Cape (and more specifically, Port Elizabeth with the greater Nelson Mandela Bay area) becoming a Covid-19 hotspot. You would have also heard by now that stricter measures have been imposed in order to help curb the rate of infection.

The new hot spot excludes Jeffreys Bay. We are located in the neighbouring Kouga Municipality, however we have not been complacent either!


Here is the good news! Since these warnings have been issued, we have witnessed many pull up their proverbial socks over the last few months. Fast food outlets, workshops to guesthouses have all stepped up their game with regards to enforcing the basic measures, which are still the most effective.


- Avoid touching your face

- Regular hand washing or sanitizing

- Wearing of a mask when in public


The Kouga Municipality has since deployed a number of marshals in key areas to encourage residents to do the same. The number of active Covid-19 cases in the Kouga region decreased last week from 350 on 30 November to 270 on 3 December (Source – Kouga Municipality).

Permits for large public events have been revoked and many gatherings such as Billy’s beach in St Francis Bay have been postponed. These decisions were not taken lightly as our town in particular benefits from the financial injection that holidaymakers bring to these events and many residents rely on them for income.

These sacrifices will mean that we can still enjoy a fantastic holiday, albeit without large groups in confined spaces.



But guess what? There is so much to do and explore in and around Jeffreys Bay without compromising on health & safety! Besides, when you really sit and think about it - more meaningful connections can be made in smaller groups.


Our restaurants (more than) adhere to the regulations which means visitors enjoy wonderful meals in a festive atmosphere at practically any restaurant in town. We boast with a HUGE selection of world-class restaurants. If preferred, most offer take-away and delivery services. For something different, yet oh so familiar, Tapas in Aston Bay host drive-in movie nights on selected dates for that authentic old-school movie experience, complete with waiters who serve you in your car.


Oh how we love to braai on holiday (or any day for that matter) - another outdoor, well-ventilated social activity. Remember to limit your numbers, be extra vigilant with communal door handles and have some extra sanitizer available in the bathroom.


We’re a SEASIDE destination. This is probably the best place you could possibly be this December. We offer lots of sand, sea and sunshine, with loads of space for keeping distance from others – hello beach! If you close your eyes whilst basking in the warm glow of the sun and listen to the waves, it almost feels like old-normal.


There’s horse-riding on the dunes, hiking (or strolling for all fitness levels) in the Kabeljous reserve, Sand boarding, Sky diving, the Shell Museum, Main Beach Entertainment, Fat bike rides on the beach and fantastic live music at various safety-1st venues such as Potters Place, Bay Pasta, Je Vista and more.


You could slip away for a morning of scenic driving followed by strawberry picking in the nearby Gamtoos Valley, or a game drive at the nearby Pabala Game Reserve. How about camping, fishing, surfing and swimming- all enjoyed responsibly.


Let us not forget that this is also a time for family. It’s been a tough year regardless if you are the toddler or Ouma in the household. Local residents are being encouraged to be extra festive by decorating their homes and there will even be Christmas light tours, with Jeffreys Bay's popular Riksha Tours. These tuk-tuk rides were very much in demand last year and are a safe activity for families to enjoy together.


So, as we look towards the future, we have lots to be thankful for and to look forward to. We even have vaccines on the horizon, a true light at the end of the tunnel, but in the meantime; we’re being humbled with enjoyment for the smaller things in life. We are reminded to appreciate human connection and maybe that is exactly what this holiday season will be all about.


We’ll never have a December quite like this again that’s for sure! We need your support. Wherever you are traveling from, we wish you a wonderful festive season and we look forward to welcoming you to Jeffreys Bay and all she has to offer.



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