Fishing with Duvan Van Breda

If you wish to Catch, Tag and Release a shark in Jeffreys Bay or around the shores of the Eastern Cape, look no further than Duvan van Breda.

This young professional fisherman grew up along the Jeffreys Bay shores and has a tremendous passion for fishing.  He loves the ocean and it brings him major joy contributing to science by tagging fish.

Duvan completed a degree at Stellenbosch University in BComm Entrepreneurship and has returned to the Eastern Cape, settling in Jeffreys Bay where he started this exciting business venture called “Fishing South Africa with Duvan Van Breda”.

Through his business, he aims to offer the best South African fishing experience. He advocates for locals and visitors on chasing a particular species of fish and enjoys taking them out and helping them catch their dream fish.

His passion lies in Catching and Tagging massive sharks from shore and then releasing them back to where they belong.  He also enjoys catching a Kob for the fire particularly during festive season.

Duvan’s passion for the environment and fishing as a sport will get your adrenalin going.  He supplies all the tackle and bait and has a drone that he drops bait out with. Snacks and drinks are supplied to tickle your taste buds and create an unforgettable Jeffreys Bay fishing experience.

View his Youtube channel to get a feel for the experience and view demonstrations and exciting episodes at and be sure to hit the subscribe button.