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Choose Jeffreys Bay Adventures for Daily Surf lessons, a Surf Camp, Stand Up Paddle Trips, Walking Township Tours, Beach Horse rides, Airport Shuttles, Waterfall Trips, Sandboarding trips and Safaris.

Jeffreys Bay is known for its popularity as surfing haven! Great beaches, waves and “vibe”, make this place ideal for surf lessons, shopping and culture.


Salty Surf School - R300

The Surf Lesson duration is two hours and includes all equipment needed during the surf lessons. The 2 hour surf lesson is broken into a short theory chat on the beach, where students will practice what is being taught whilst still on the sand. Then it’s time to test the surf theory by taking to the water. This is the fun part of the surf lesson. Surfing is a true conviction of “practice makes perfect”, and one thing is for sure, you will want to practice to feel that thrill over and over again of standing on your first wave! 

Sandboarding - R250

Great, sloping dunes make for an unforgettable sandboarding adventure! Sandboarding is for anybody who wants to have fun! This snowboarding-type activity takes place among the dunes close to Marina Martinique and is great for all experience levels. Small dunes to bigger slopes, standing, sitting, lying on your tummy…..try it all!! Be prepared for sand EVERYWHERE. Sandboard down the dunes of Jeffreys Bay is fun for the whole family. 

Beach Horse rides - R600

Beautiful sunsets can be seen while galloping along the shoreline on our beach horse rides. Jeffreys Bay Beach Horse Trails is a 2-hour horse-back adventure that takes you through the bush and onto the sand! For experienced riders, or for those who have never sat in the saddle, this activity is enjoyed by all. Trot along the beach and admire the sunset before splashing with your horse in the shallow waves. 15km trail..11km beach. 

Walking Township tour - R200

A township full of history, and an enthusiastic tourguide make our township tours an experience not to be missed! On the Jeffreys Bay Township Tour, the famous Goodman Alla guides you on a journey into the township of Tokyo Sexwale and Pellsrus in Jeffreys Bay. Experience a South African “location” on foot, stopping at a traditional the stop by a creche and also at an old fishing woman who has been here since before Pellsrus was named Pellsrus. We also stop at a Local Shabeen! Goodman adds a fountain of knowledge, stories and fun to this 2 hour adventure!

The Waterfall - R250

The waterfall is situated 20 minutes from the town. There is a zip line that ends in a big rock pool. You can also jump from the rocks and swim in the rock pool. When there has been rain the waterfall can be seen flowing into the rock pool. 

Stand Up Paddle Safari - R250

A relaxing nature experience on the lagoon on stable SUP boards or Kayaks - fun for the whole family

Tours and rentals every day from 8am 
Ocean explore tour 
River tour 

Shuttle Service 

Jbay and Surrounding Areas. We also do shuttles to the closest airport – Port Elizabeth (R600).