Skydive Jeffreys Bay

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Enjoy the scenic 20 minute plane ride over Jeffreys Bay, followed by the rush and excitement from jumping out of an aircraft over Jeffreys Bay from 11 000ft. Followed by 40 seconds freefall at 200kph and a 5 minute parachute ride. Our experienced instructors have a minimum of 1500 skydives and will ease you into it.


  • 9 000ft 
  • 10 000ft
  • 11 000ft


Handycam video :

Your instructor jumps with a glove holding 2x go pro’s. One for video and one for photos.

Outside camera :

An external camera flyer skilled enough to fly in proximity with the tandem in freefall records the whole experience on a Go Pro 7 and Canon DSLR for stills. Definitely recommended.

Delux camera :

Both Handycam and Outside camera are recorded and edited into one awesome edit, getting everything from all possible angles.