Pabala Private Nature Reserve

Looking for a new experience with a love for nature, Pabala Private Nature Reserve is the place to be.  In this beautiful natural Fynbos environment, there is always something new to try and the sense of communing with nature is inspiring. 

Pabala Private Nature Reserve is nestled between Hankey and Loerie in the Eastern Cape 30km from Jeffreys Bay and 78km from the Nelson Mandela Bay Airport.  It is recognised for its biodiversity conservation and borders the Gamtoos River. This is one of the last remaining areas in the Gamtoos river valley where natural parts remain undisturbed. The reserve is where three recognised biodiversity hotspots converge. The biomes are Azonal, Albany Thicket and Fynbos.

Within this indigenous environment, the nature adventures offer magnificent experiences.  So whether you fancy grabbing a Kayak and paddling upstream on the Gamtoos, or lacing up those hiking boots for an exploration trail, Pabala promises an unforgettable experience in this vast land of amazing ecological versatility.

The Wildlife expeditions will get your heart racing. The Safari adventures allow up close and personal exposure to unique game which includes scarce species like the Protected Cape Mountain Zebra, Golden Wildebeest, Copper Springbok and Black Impala.  What can also be seen is the varied Buck, Nyala, Sable, Kudu as well as the Common and Blue Duiker.

Proteas can be picked when choosing a game drive which is really spectacular. Species of Protea’s include the Queen Protea, the White Protea and the Jan Baard Protea.

Sunset drives can be the most romantic and rewarding experience. The dramatic spectacle created by nature can be viewed from the reserve whilst admiring the staggering sunsets.  Whether it is exclusively for the romantic couple or for the crowd to enjoy sundowners, these sunset experiences are unforgettable!

The unspoiled wilderness that offers panoramic views can also be explored by E Bikes. There is nothing more invigorating than cycling on an E Bike through the reserve. The freedom and the quiet that is felt while observing the landscape is liberation through nature’s creation.

Should you choose to explore this magical place on a Horseback Safari it is the purest way to experience the reserve with all the smells and sounds, where nature meets nature.

When it comes to Fishing, which is one of the world’s favourite leisure activities, Pabala offers a wide variety of fishing excursions. From Night fishing on a Cabin Boat to Deep Sea charters, as well as Sunrise Fishing on Kayaks or Surf Fishing and so much more. The fishing trips act as great stress busters, enabling you to escape your routine pressures while enjoying fresh air amid spectacular new scenery.